As I’ve mentioned in the comments on a few of the Spacemon posts, I’ve been in a different Pokemon tabletop game for a little over a year now. I’ve been asked (and subsequently given permission by the GM) to cover our campaign in a similar fashion. I have the logs and will be mixing summary and direct quotes from both narration and players, but I’m not going to be anywhere near as detailed as the Spacemon series. Anyway...

Our story opens in Chalcedonia City, a sprawling urban morass where the upper-class live separated from the lower-class slums. Echo Corporation runs the city with a golden fist, throwing money around like a Snorlax throws his weight. In the Chalcedonia Slums, we meet our first protagonist, a member of the Rangers (the local equivalent of the police). Commissioner Garrett has summoned Officer Valentia Vitiate. “I have a job for you, Officer V.”


Valentia: “Oh yeah? Kicking puppies? Shaking down old ladies? Stealing princesses?”

“Heh. You know we reserve those missions for our top agents. What I’ve got for you is a bit more... clandestine.” He sends her to look into someone spreading bad rumors about the Rangers’ #1 source of funding, Echo Corp. After confirming that it’s definitely not an inside job, Val heads out and calls her favorite informant; the opening greetings are rather barbed. After a bit more banter, they agree to meet at Hobo Junction, an overgrown alley that’s a local hotbed of covert and/or criminal activity.

They compare notes there, noting that a suspicious Hunter has been seen coming and going from the Echo HQ grounds. Versa notices the selfsame person skulking around the grounds and subtly points him out. Val,with significantly less subtlety, charges at him and grabs him by the back of the collar as he tries to flee. When pressed about his activities, he’s terse and defensive. While Val interrogates him, they find that they’re not the only ones scheduled to meet in Hobo Junction, as a well-dressed little girl arrives to meet the young man.

Calvin: “Uh. Got a couple wannabe Rangers here.”

June: “A lady should introduce herself... my name is June Echo...”

Everyone, in rapid succession, botches a few rolls here; Versa and Val leap to the conclusion that June and Calvin are dating, and thus the ‘rumor’ must be about them, which would force them apart. “How romantic~” Calvin completely fails to grasp why this would be a problem in the first place. Meanwhile, June has failed her Intimidate check to shut them up, in a rather drastic manner, stuttering and flailing cutely before absentmindedly asking whether they are referring to “Daddy’s guest”. After some more beating around the bush, Val (who’s been a loose cannon within the Ranger force for quite some time) and Versa(a lover of mischief and dabbler in yellow journalism) both decide that looking into this is a great way to get a free pass into Echo HQ to dig around for incriminating evidence.


They arrive rather late in the evening. The research assistant is asleep at the front desk, and Versalia’s Klefki snags the key to the ‘guest’ room from her as they sneak past. June notes that’s “Mr. Room’s room” is past the “weird hallway” and is annoying to actually get to. Several computers in the hall along the way are flickering orshowing red, static-y screens in an eerie manner. Upon arriving at the ‘guest room’ door, the sounds of someone moving furniture around are heard as June knocks and lets herself in. June notes that a basket on the floor is further from the doorframe now, and asks the‘guest’ what that means.

Anjin: “It means that the chi of the room is expanding again. That’s a good thing. For now... Come in, come in. Make yourselves at home. Equally distributed throughout the room, if you don’t mind.”


Anjin has been kept prisoner here for some time, not by locked doors or drugs but through manipulation of his OCD. They’ve tricked out the room such that the furniture scrambles itself nightly, completely ruining the feng shui of the place; they’ve also been using him as a guinea Furret for medical experiments. After ordering everyone to stand in specific places in the room, Anjin manages to get a clear mental picture of the entire facility with his Clairvoyant abilities, after which he urges everyone to leave with him.

**WARNING. WARNING. MORE PERSONS DETECTED EXITING A HOLDING CELL THAN ENTERING. SECURITY BREACH. ** As they attempt to leave his cell, sirens and lights start going off and the hallway seals itself into a maze via blast doors and automated switches...




Obligatory cast shot!