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Blimp: The Sound Of Stupid

(This is Scully’s fault.)

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Hello, Reddit, my old friend

I’ve come to shitpost you again

Because of stalking from a creeper

Who thinks he’s some sort of sleeper

But for an agent, he doesn’t have a brain

He’s merely trained

To speak the sound of stupid

In dead forums I talked alone

Shut-down minds cannot be blown

Beneath the header of a long blog post

What I say is misunderstood by most

And our eyes are stabbed by the flash of a PC screen

Red, blue, and green,

Showing the sound of stupid

And in the flickering light I saw

Ten thousand morons, maybe more

People shouting without knowing

People reading without comprehending

People posting jokes that everybody shares

But no one cares

About the sound of stupid

Fools, said I, you do not know

Trolling like a cancer grows

Like this channel and I might teach you

Then subscribe and it might reach you

But my words, like wisdom, were ignored

And were lost in the flood of stupid

And the people bowed and prayed

To the memes that they had made

And my adblock flashed its warning

At the phisherman that were swarming

And the ad says the words of the prophets are written on their Facebook walls

Retweeted calls

We’re drowning in the sounds of stupid.

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