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Are you ready to be Liberated?

Emails have been sent out with links to the closed beta test of Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2, a new F2P mobile game from ATLUS. Registered users can find a download link in the email, and the servers will fire up Tuesday evening. (Do note that the email contains quite a few formatting and grammatical errors, probably rushed out in a hurry. It still seems to work, and links to the proper Google Play page.)

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E: Signup was something like a month ago, so you’ve likely missed the boat on this round of testing if you didn’t hear about it. That’s okay, because Closed Betas are often buggy af, and usually don’t carry progress over to the official launch. I’ll try and post some impressions here when it launches, and I may not be the only member of TAY/AniTAY playing it! So look forward to that if you missed out, I guess. (Or dread it. We’ll see if there’s a cooking system.)

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